This is the privacy policy for Pointesa, LLC, (Pointesa), publisher of the ASETNIOP application. It outlines what information is gathered by your device, and how that information may be used. Your privacy is taken very seriously; no sensitive information is collected without explicit consent.

Data stored on your device

The ASETNIOP keyboard includes autocorrect and predictive features that currently operate based on a set of dictionaries. Although these stock dictionaries are currently static and are not updated other than as part of general application updates, future versions of the application will include a "learning" feature for the dictionary to improve the user experience by building a personalized dictionary for each user. This functionality will require the gathering and storing on the user's device of lists of individual words that were not included in the stock dictionary and their frequency of usage. This will not include storing information typed into sensitive fields such as password fields. It will be possible to disable this feature in the application settings.

Data transmitted to Pointesa

No personally identifying information, or text that you type, is transmitted to Pointesa at any time.

Data sharing with third parties

No personally identifying information, or text that you type, will be shared with any third parties at any time.

This policy was last updated on December 30, 2017.