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Welcome to Wikipedia

It was a pretty nice thrill to open up the Wikipedia page for chorded keyboards in order to add an entry about ASETNIOP (our first attempt a number of months ago got shot down) and discover that some mystery stranger had already added it.  Hooray!  It’s nice to have become an accepted member of the chorded keyboard community!


More Publicity!

We’re excited to report that there’s an article about ASETNIOP that was published over at Gizmag.com today, written by Paul Ridden.  You can find it here.

It’s an interesting coincidence because there’s another article in Gizmag about Microsoft’s development of a device to track hand gestures.  The article, published by Dave LeClair, can be found here.  The takeaway is that they’re working on a device that can be worn like a wristwatch and track what the user’s hands and fingers are doing in space.  Much like the LEAP, it’s a perfect device for an application like ASETNIOP.