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iPad 3 Commercials

I’ve been seeing ads for the new iPad, which features the “retina” display.  It looks beautiful, and it appears to double the resolution of the screen.  Like all Apple ads, it’s very crisply done.  But what’s interesting to me (and was similarly interesting about the LEAP promotional video a few months ago) is that the one activity they actively avoid showing is typing.  Out of curiosity, I pulled up the official “trailer” for the iPad 3 that Apple released in March.  It’s over five minutes long, and I didn’t notice a single sequence where they show someone using the virtual keyboard.   The virtual keyboard has always been one of the least functional features of the iPad, and Apple has known this from the beginning – even in the original advertisement during the the Academy Awards in 2010, they don’t actually show anyone typing (they show the virtual keyboard for a split second, but don’t show it actually being used).  I’m hoping to change that.