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Updates to Javascript Versions

I’ve made a few updates to the javascript versions of ASETNIOP; the most important being that text now scrolls upwards if you fill the top area (similar to a typewriter rolling upwards on a line feed).  You can type as much as you want and then just scroll upwards and copy and paste into other applications (or just send emails directly from the javascript version).

Ipad version, as always, is here.

The prototype keyboard version is here.

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We’ve added some new color schemes for the ipad version, loosely based on some familiar superheroes – you can see the example below for Dr. Manhattan.  They can be found here.  Just tap the drop-down menu and give them a try!


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And now with symbol recognition!

The ipad version (asetniop.com/ipad or asetniop.com/ipad.html) has been updated to allow for handwriting recognition of both numbers AND symbols.

Characters recognized in the N pad (below the yellow helper bar): 0-9, slash, backslash, dash

Characters recognized in the I pad (below the orange helper bar): ! @ # $ % ^ & * [ ] { } _ / \ | = + < > ~ £ € ¥

All symbols must be drawn with a single stroke.  Characters that consist of multiple strokes are generally recognized by the first part of the symbol.  Some special cases:

4 can be drawn in a single stroke (like a lower-case “y”) or as the first half of the numeral (like an upper-case “L”)

7 should not be drawn with a crossbar

! can be drawn as a single upside-down triangle (▼)

# must be drawn as a simple square (■)

$ will be recognized when just the “S” part is drawn

% will be recognized when the top-left circle and the slash character are drawn as a single connected character

* will be recognized when drawn as a five-pointed star

= must be drawn with the two lines connected, as a “z”

+ must be drawn as a single line by tracing downwards then looping back to the left to begin the horizontal stroke

£ may be drawn as a simple “L”

€ may be drawn as a backwards “3”

¥ must be drawn as a backwards lower-case “y”



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Latest Release for the iPad including Handwriting Recognition!

The latest version of the ASETNIOP keyboard for ipads is available here: https://asetniop.com/ipad/

What’s most exciting about the current version is the new handwriting recognition feature for numbers – if you need any digit from 0 to 9, just draw it in the pad below the yellow helper bar.  The recognition algorithm is still under construction – it’s going to get a lot better as we add scaling and path tracking – but even now it still works reasonably well.
Some notes about the current version:
  • In order to learn how to use the keyboard, you might want to try out the tutorial (https://asetniop.com/ipadTutorial.html).  It will introduce you to all of the basic concepts and teach you the basic alphabet.
  • There are two ways to obtain numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) – the first is to press the A, T, N, and P keys all at the same time to switch layouts (the A and T keys combine to form the F, and the N and P keys combine to form the M, so think “FM radio” to remember this code).  The numbers 5 and 6 are obtained by pressing the chords for R and H, respectively.  You can access symbols through this layout too, simply by pressing the shift key (left thumb) and selecting the appropriate key or chord.  Just press the FM code to switch back.
  • The second way to obtain numbers is to simply draw it inside the grey pad for the N key (below the yellow bar).  Aim for your drawn letters to fit just inside the boundaries of the grey area, and draw using a single motion (i.e. don’t lift your finger off the screen).  This feature is still under development, so the recognition isn’t so great (especially when dealing with 3, 5, and 8, and the number 4 works best when you draw it like an upside-down “h”), but it will get a LOT better in the coming weeks.  [IT’S ALREADY BETTER!] You can also use this area to draw a slash, a backslash, and a dash.
  • The predictive suggestions are very basic at the moment, but they will also be getting considerably better as we refine the algorithm.
  • You can send an email directly from the program by pressing the “send as email button” at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.  You’ll need to fill in the address and subject, but what you’ve typed will be instantly copied to the body of the message through your ipad’s email client.
  • To copy the text you’ve typed and paste it somewhere else, simply use the ipad’s normal copy/paste feature (i.e. touch the screen and select the text you want).  For some reason it’s necessary to have at least two or three lines of text before this feature will engage – if needed, just add a couple of carriage returns (SHIFT and space at the same time) to the bottom.  The program will copy ONLY what you’ve typed; not any of the buttons or other extraneous items on the screen.
  • If you’d like to increase or decrease the size of the display font, just press the “size +” or “size -” button.  Right now you’re limited to the vertical space above the keyboard, but we’ll be fixing things so that the text will scroll upwards as you fill things in.
  • If you run into a problem or have any requests, comments, or suggestions, please use the “report bug” button to get in touch with us.
  • Thanks for using ASETNIOP!  We hope you like it!

Speed Test Beta

For those of you working on an iPad, we’ve got a new version you can use to practice ASETNIOP, and see how much quick you’re making.  Just start the keyboard the same as in the tutorial (tap on the blank box to activate the keyboard), and then press the “New Sentence” button to get started.  Type what you see, and when you’ve finished the sentence, you’ll be able to see your speed.  We’d LOVE to track some data about people’s progress so we can make the ASETNIOP keyboard even better, so if you feel like helping us out, just press the “Send Report” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen and you’ll be able to send us an email that will include details about your session.  Please feel free to include any comments or suggestions you might have.  Eventually, we’ll have a leaderboard that will automatically post the best scores.  Good luck!

Speed Test A



Chorded Colemak for the iPad

Colemak is an alternative keyboard layout, designed with two purposes in mind.  The first is to optimize the placement of keys in order to maximize typing speed and comfort.  By some measures, it’s more efficient than the older and more familiar Dvorak layout.  The second aim is to minimize the differences between the new layout and the more familiar QWERTY layout, so that new users can make the transition more easily.  Similar to what is intended with ASETNIOP, there are few keys where the basic finger used to type the key changes, and a number of keys remain in their original positions.  We’ve developed a chorded version of Colemak (currently we’re calling it CHORDMAK) that works along the same principles as ASETNIOP, but uses the basic Colemak layout and home keys as the basis for the method.  The layout is below, that there’s a tutorial available for Colemak users who wish to give it a try on the iPad.  We’ll have a keyboard version available soon.



The New iPad Tutorial is HERE!

We’ll probably integrate it into the site over the weekend, but the new ASETNIOP tutorial for the iPad is finished.  Even if you’ve been through the original tutorial, we strongly encourage you to try out the new one – it’s a lot better.  Feedback, as always, is welcome!

You can find it here.


Promotional Video

Puppy Parade!

We’re currently producing a video that shows some of the tasks that the tablet version of ASETNIOP can be used to accomplish.  We just shot the initial footage last night, so it won’t be ready for a while, but I wanted to share one of the slides that’s part of the demonstration sequence.  It’s a reference to what’s been one of my favorite TV shows over the last few years – Community.  I actually spent about six months living within walking distance of Glendale Community College, which was apparently Dan Harmon’s inspiration for Greendale, but I never actually took a tour of the campus.  I’m not too optimistic about the show’s future, but they can’t really go wrong if they manage to shoehorn another puppy parade into one of the upcoming episodes.