Completed Predictive Dictionaries

Apologies to anyone who has been following for the lack of updates; I’ll try to be better about things and expect I’ll have more time to work on things moving forward.

I’ve finished up my predictive texting system; in case anyone is interested the completed material is here:

It’s not particularly well-documented, most of it is pretty meaningless until it’s been integrated into ASETNIOP, at which point it will be in the background anyway. I’ve got dictionaries for German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Turkish (which, as it happens, does not do well in predictive context). The text corpuses (corpi?) I used were built using .epub novels downloaded via torrent. I did the best I could with what’s available; if you have access to a fairly large collection of novels in any of the unrepresented languages that use a Latin alphabet (i.e. Norwegian, etc.) and can make them available to me I’m happy to add as many languages I can find.

Another pretty major update – I’m planning to make an change to the standard ASETNIOP layout. I’m going to basically rotate the K, Z, and ! keys. The middle-pinky combination on the same hand is pretty uncomfortable and K is too common of a letter (even in English) to rely on that, so I’m putting the exclamation point there, since it’s so much less common. Z will be moving to !’s old spot and K gets Z’s old chord. Final chords are:

Z: left pinky, right middle

K: left ring, right middle

!: right middle, right pinky

I’ve started practicing it myself (though I haven’t coded anything yet) and it’s not a big deal – it takes some getting used to, but will be worth it.

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