ASETNIOP for Windows with AutoHotKey

A number of folks have asked for ASETNIOP to be available on a system-wide basis, and I have to apologize for not having something available yet.  For now, I’ve adapted a script (originally designed by user Laszlo) that works with the free software AutoHotKey so you can practice some of the chord combinations in other applications than just the javascript demo.  To install and run it:

1.  Go to, download the program (the orange button) and install it.

2. Download the file ASETNIOP.ahk and save it somewhere easily accessible.

3. Double-click the .ahk file, and AutoHotKey will launch – you should see a little HotkeyLogo logo in the lower right-hand corner of your taskbar.

4.  Voila!  You can enter text with the ASETNIOP layout using either the ASDF-JKL; home keys, or the QWER-UIOP top row.  All of the bottom row keys are active as SHIFT keys.

5.  To turn off the script and return to regular typing, just right-click on the HotkeyLogo and select “Exit.”

It’s far from perfect – you will most likely notice a few issues with the processing, and the autocorrect and autofill options aren’t available, so you may prefer using the prototype javascript version – but the advantage of the AutoHotKeys script is that you’re not limited to using it within a browser.

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