Accent Marks Added

The ipad version has been updated to include handwriting recognition for accent marks – simply type the letter you want to add an accent to, draw the appropriate mark in the pad with the right ring finger (the O button), and it will be added to the previous character.  As with numbers and symbols, the mark needs to be drawn with a single stroke.  The following symbols are available:

Acute: á

Grave: è

Circumflex: î

Caron: ž

Diaeresis/Umlaut – ü (obtained with either a straight horizontal line or a sideways figure-eight)

Tilde: ñ

Ring: å

Cedilla: ç

Inverse question mark: ¿

Inverse exclamation point: ¡ (obtained with a triangle pointing up)

A-E ligature: æ

O-E ligature: œ

Double-S: ß

In the near future we’ll be releasing layouts that are optimized for foreign languages (for example, pressing the chord for “j” together with the letter “e” as a three-finger combination will produce “je” in the French version) and there will be separate codes for accented characters available with these as well.  For those intrepid souls who don’t mind playing around with a work in progress, there’s also a keyboard version that allows you to draw accents (and numbers and symbols) the same way using your mouse.

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