And now with symbol recognition!

The ipad version ( or has been updated to allow for handwriting recognition of both numbers AND symbols.

Characters recognized in the N pad (below the yellow helper bar): 0-9, slash, backslash, dash

Characters recognized in the I pad (below the orange helper bar): ! @ # $ % ^ & * [ ] { } _ / \ | = + < > ~ £ € ¥

All symbols must be drawn with a single stroke.  Characters that consist of multiple strokes are generally recognized by the first part of the symbol.  Some special cases:

4 can be drawn in a single stroke (like a lower-case “y”) or as the first half of the numeral (like an upper-case “L”)

7 should not be drawn with a crossbar

! can be drawn as a single upside-down triangle (▼)

# must be drawn as a simple square (■)

$ will be recognized when just the “S” part is drawn

% will be recognized when the top-left circle and the slash character are drawn as a single connected character

* will be recognized when drawn as a five-pointed star

= must be drawn with the two lines connected, as a “z”

+ must be drawn as a single line by tracing downwards then looping back to the left to begin the horizontal stroke

£ may be drawn as a simple “L”

€ may be drawn as a backwards “3”

¥ must be drawn as a backwards lower-case “y”




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