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Speed Test Beta

For those of you working on an iPad, we’ve got a new version you can use to practice ASETNIOP, and see how much quick you’re making.  Just start the keyboard the same as in the tutorial (tap on the blank box to activate the keyboard), and then press the “New Sentence” button to get started.  Type what you see, and when you’ve finished the sentence, you’ll be able to see your speed.  We’d LOVE to track some data about people’s progress so we can make the ASETNIOP keyboard even better, so if you feel like helping us out, just press the “Send Report” button at the bottom left hand side of the screen and you’ll be able to send us an email that will include details about your session.  Please feel free to include any comments or suggestions you might have.  Eventually, we’ll have a leaderboard that will automatically post the best scores.  Good luck!

Speed Test A



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