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Chorded Colemak for the iPad

Colemak is an alternative keyboard layout, designed with two purposes in mind.  The first is to optimize the placement of keys in order to maximize typing speed and comfort.  By some measures, it’s more efficient than the older and more familiar Dvorak layout.  The second aim is to minimize the differences between the new layout and the more familiar QWERTY layout, so that new users can make the transition more easily.  Similar to what is intended with ASETNIOP, there are few keys where the basic finger used to type the key changes, and a number of keys remain in their original positions.  We’ve developed a chorded version of Colemak (currently we’re calling it CHORDMAK) that works along the same principles as ASETNIOP, but uses the basic Colemak layout and home keys as the basis for the method.  The layout is below, that there’s a tutorial available for Colemak users who wish to give it a try on the iPad.  We’ll have a keyboard version available soon.



The New iPad Tutorial is HERE!

We’ll probably integrate it into the site over the weekend, but the new ASETNIOP tutorial for the iPad is finished.  Even if you’ve been through the original tutorial, we strongly encourage you to try out the new one – it’s a lot better.  Feedback, as always, is welcome!

You can find it here.