chorded keyboard replacement method

ASETNIOP is a keyboard replacement method that lets users type using only ten input points - ten fingers - at a rate that's comparable to a regular keyboard. The design is based on the ubiquitous QWERTY layout, but utilizes chords - two or more fingers pressed at the same time - to produce all the letters of the alphabet, as well as punctuation characters, numbers, symbols and various other function keys. With ASETNIOP, all that matters is which fingers are pressed down - their specific position in space is no longer relevant. This opens up a whole new realm of potential devices for touch-typing, including touchscreens, gloves, motion sensors, and even implants! Since ASETNIOP is based on the familiar QWERTY layout, it is easy for users to learn without any degradation to their ability to type normally. Experienced users of ASETNIOP can reach speeds of up to 80 words per minute!  More information. . .

Desktop version  |  iPad version